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Whether it is computer consulting, information security, encryption, automation or website design. Every service offering undergoes a meticulous process from beginning to end.


We Provide Best Possible Solutions To Give Your Business A Competitive Edge

We are able to offer hosting with content management system for as little as $9/month. Our full implemented solutions can go from a basic site to more complex commerce type sites integrating WooCommerce and a range of payment, forms, scheduling, booking options. Since we are able to setup from beginning hostname, email, website onward — we are a one-stop shop of solution. Affordable.

Other Services

Add network printers.

Add wireless access points to extend range.

Add a new computer desktop, laptop, workstation, server.


Add DNS / Maintenance

Https (SSL Certs) at discounts

Email setup

File Transfer Tool

Basic Remote Maintenance Suppor
-Anti-virus monthly checks
-Windows security patch updates
-Quarterly tuning: including cache clear
-Event monitoring for hardware issues

Premium Remote Maintenance Support
Includes Basic PLUS
-Up to 12 hours annually of remote support
-Hours beyond 12 will be discounted up to 50%
-Installation of windows available feature updates
-Monitoring of third-party cloud services & backup
-Submit help tickets at our Help Desk Portal Online
-Access to review tickets submitted

Option upgrades
IT licensing and Domain Name registrations
-Domain name renewal
-Maintain new email accounts
-Licenses (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10)

Quarterly Reporting
-Status report of all interactions of work performed
-Support hours description log (Premium required)

All plans include:
-Upon request an Annual remote log of all activity access date-time
-Any computer not under maintenance agreement will be bid by task and pre-approved or by the hour.

Current rates apply.

We can help you add a network attached storage solution.

Connect with your computer remotely.

Take advantage of cloud for backup purposes. Affordable.

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