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Importantly, avoid using email and leverage our freemium portal platform to engage your contacts and securely send and receive documents. Secure File Sharing for Clients, Vendors and Customers!


Computer Related?

Consequentially, sometimes you may come across an issue with your computer or laptop or server that needs outside help. We have talent based in the United States that can take care of it for you expediently.

Secure File Sharing
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Why Our Company?

Driving Technology For Small to Medium Size Especially
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Secure File Sharing Page


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What about Website Custom Design?

XMS: Secure Document Exchange

We wrote custom software for our secure file exchange product, XMS. Ask about our free subscription plan. Most importantly our team can build just about anything on top of the core platform or bolt-on a new project entirely. In addition virtually every product has a file component to it along with a login roles based desktop. With XMS we have that at the foundation and you are able to expand in a multitude of ways. Above all Secure File Sharing for Clients, Vendors and Customer.

Custom Solution

Design high quality websites, Hosting efficient and highly capable websites, Updates of existing sites and porting of websites and Transfers of domain names, name server and secure-socket-layer certificates. So, we have resources to help you freshen your site, save you time managing it with built-in content management systems such as WordPress.


Let us help you better understand what it means to be compliant in the Information Security space. We are also very proficient in training on best practices, office applications and overall understanding of improving efficiency on the day to day stuff.

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When MereSecure was started, it was thought of a company that delivered solutions including software that were simple yet sophisticated. Lower learning curves, easier implementation and a ultimately a much better mouse trap then the nearby 1-dimensional file sharing competition when comparing with our file sharing platform.

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Information Technology Solutions

When you have a project. You need someone technical to discuss with. Whether we consult or build or are used as a second opinion. Our solutions and ideas can help you be more efficient. Help you spend less money. Help you prioritize and put info sec on top. IT system updates on top. Implementing solutions for tomorrow and beyond.

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