Document Collection

Vendor Due Diligence
Vendor Document Collection

XMS by Mere Secure Vendor Management software helps organizations build an all inclusive vendor management process. Centralize your information for all third parties for a collective view of vendor relationships and vendor risk. Our solution helps you manage effective vendor due diligence, vendor risk assessments, oversight, vendor monitoring and contract reviews. We can help you meet compliance.

Every business has vendors that they are relying on. Rating these vendors from Critical to Low will help identify the risk or exposure. Whatever they provide from products to services, a comprehensive vendor management software solution will help your organization satisfy an ongoing and increasing regulatory environment need wanting to safeguard consumers and data and everything between.

Digital File Library: Collect vendor and risk management due diligence documents

Optional full vendor monitoring & oversight services

Meet Governance, Risk & Compliance: Collect client or customer verification documentation for regulatory policies

Software customizations, tailored development to meet your needs

There are new tools like XMS as a Vendor Management Softare solution to help upgrade from older conventional tools such as spreadsheet and attachments in an inbox. Whether you need a better tool that is more effective or perhaps expand the team by outsourcing and asking us to provide full monitor and oversight of your vendors. Both offerings are available and we want a conversation with you.

  • FinancialXMS for Financial Institutions helps Risk Management and Third-Party Management departments monitor their third party suppliers.
  • GovernmentGOVERNMENT & MUNICIPALITIES: State, Local and Federal departments can use this service to help identify risk, and verify whether companies are meeting best practices.
  • LegalXMS for Legal and Tax professionals that need to exchange sensitive information
  • Online Software ServicesXMS for Online Services that need to provide SOC1 reports and other documents from their compliance departments
  • Retail-ConsumerXMS for businesses that need to send and receive documents to their clients and customers.
  • SecurityXMS for Security consultants that need to provide their deliverables in a secure and historical manner
We want to work with you. We can offer a list of upgrades to our platform to help you find the right solution for your organization. Sign on for a pilot and let us see where we can help. We have a list of items in our backlog and would love to hear from you.

Some of these ideas for discussions:

  • Report Design - INCLUDED
  • Feature gap analysis - INCLUDED
  • Pilot findings - INCLUDED
  • We can get a plan developed for implementation with priorities in play. - INCLUDED
Size the project and implement with all information ahead. We are listening. Save your time, level of effort in managing your vendors with a solution that can just plain help.
Why XMS by Mere Secure®?
Much like our competitors, we provide optional vendor oversight services and due diligence programs to help organizations structure a solid comprehensive vendor management program. We take pride in our software focusing also on a core feature of document collection. The vendor management software we have built innovatively helps you share documents and forms to outside organizations with a simple approach. No need to rely on insecure email, courier delivery, or insecure FTP and unreliable multi-page fax services. In addition, more general file sharing platforms provide file folder concept storage and open group collaboration but are mostly blocked from third party clients as with financial institutions. The XMS Vendor Management Software provides a way to send and ask to receive information without having to collaborate at all. Upload files one time as we re-use them in a smart and intelligent way while maintaining originals for historical purposes. XMS Vendor Management Software provides an online work desktop to everyone you invite. XMS is easy to train on and always up to date accessible from anywhere an internet browser is installed. XMS allows you to transfer, share, collect, receive, send any information with clients, affiliate partners, sub-contractors and other important contacts. This interaction should be fully secure, without separate emails repeatedly uploading the same attachments. This interaction needs to be easy to manage. This interaction is best handled with the XMS: eXchange Management System platform. Please contact us TODAY!
What are some XMS product benefits?
  • Setup an exhibit to request vendor management compliance of all third-party services contracts
  • Secure easy access to latest requested documentation for vendor compliance with information organized into tree view containers
  • Deliver forms for questionnaires, feedback, registration of your services - required responses
  • Deliver documents to clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, employees and vendors
  • Perform due diligence on behalf of financial institutions for clients and collect required documentation
  • Send required documents and forms to state, county and city agencies securely
  • Collect signed change orders from owners securely
  • Submit invoices, contract amendments insurance liability policies and current employment practices
  • Searchable system of record of all activity with outside participants
  • Provide history audit trail of when a document has been downloaded or uploaded and by who
Additional XMS product benefits
  • High upload maximum filesize limit - beyond that of typical email limitations
  • Automated flow control with searchable elements
  • Input full contact/company information for easy search and re-use
  • Quickly see who has access to documents, restrict access to groups of files
  • Send repeat bundles of files quickly by setting up packages
  • Categorize and add custom parameters to files such as approved by, review date
  • Highly scalable n-tier architecture
  • No software to install (internet browser only)
  • Simple license pricing (SLP)
  • Integrate with any third-party forms package
Many documents are shared with third parties
  • Accounting Documents (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
  • Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision)
  • Bid and Proposals
  • Billing Receipts
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) – Liability, etc.
  • Certifications & Trade Specialties
  • City Business License
  • Customer feedback and clarifications
  • Data Policy
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Hiring Packets
  • Feedback forms
  • Lease Documents
  • Lender applications
  • Lists of sub-contractors
  • Permit & Applications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Product Specifications
  • Project Management Meeting Notes
  • Property Titles
  • Questionnaire Forms
  • Rent Rolls
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Policy and Testing
  • Tax Documents (1040, 1099, W-9, I-9, W-4)
  • Training Materials
  • Work schedules