Bank Vendor Management Software

Vendor Management Software for Banks (VM)

From monitoring and oversight to due diligence, risk assessment, strategy, document collection, forms response, XMS by Mere Secure Bank Vendor Management Software helps to organize a vendor management process and provide a risk profile view of your vendor or third-party relationships.

Digital File Library: Collect vendor and risk management due diligence documents

Optional full vendor monitoring & oversight services

Enforce risk management processes

Meet Governance, Risk & Compliance: Collect client or customer verification documentation for regulatory policies

Why MereSecure® XMS: Banks?
Maintaining a vendor management program can be challenging for any size bank. The amount of time required to follow-through and to meet expectations is difficult. Along with full vendor oversight and compliance options, monitoring, the digital document collection from vendors and suppliers of banks can be cumbersome as most solutions involve expensive externally managed CRM like interfaces putting emphasis on the individual client or vendor and not both. Our bank vendor management software combines the simplicity for the vendor to interoperate and feature needs for the bank to implement a quality program to help meet compliance and protect.

XMS can help banks
-Add an affordable differentiating third party software to their wheel house.
-Implement a new vendor risk management monitoring and oversight option to their process.
-Collect documents from vendors in a centralized location while keeping permissions and access separate.
-Publish forms from any vendor to be filled out as a questionnaire or interview without having to learn another forms package.
-Reduce dependence on complicated one-sided systems, classic spreadsheet tracking, overload of insecure email attachments, eliminate dependence on universal file sharing sites that are blocked most of the time, provide secure alternatives to sending and receiving files over insecure FTP or unreadable fax services.
-Provide an effective innovative approach to managing their third party vendors.

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We specialize in solving relevant problems in the vendor management space. You may not have all of the features with any product and yet we are open to identifying gaps in what you need and sizing them for your organization. We know for sure that if you manage vendors, you can use XMS to help your existing process with a tool to engage the third parties more efficiently. We know for sure that if you don't have a formal vendor management program we can provide a software solution and also offer a full vendor oversight monitoring component where you can have us handle your vendors for you. If you have a solution for vendor monitoring, compliance attorneys etc. our software solution fits nicely as the backdrop to collect the information and track the vendors, the risk that they present and is easy enough to learn you will be up and running very quickly.

What are some XMS product benefits?
  • Deliver documents to clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, employees and vendors
  • Submit invoices, contract amendments and insurance liability policies
  • Searchable system of record of all activity with outside participants
  • Provide history audit trail of when a document has been downloaded or uploaded and by who
Additional Services
  • Importing vendor information
  • Insight into compliance and regulatory guidelines
  • Integrate forms form third parties and incorporate into XMS product
  • Full followup with third parties to make sure documentation is provided in a timely basis
  • Implement a full vendor oversight program with expert compliance attorneys and experts to meet regulatory requirements
Additional XMS product benefits
  • High upload maximum filesize limit - beyond that of typical email limitations
  • Automated flow control with searchable elements
  • Input full contact/company information for easy search and re-use
  • Quickly see who has access to documents, restrict access to groups of files
  • Send repeat bundles of files quickly by setting up packages
  • Categorize and add custom parameters to files such as approved by, review date
  • Highly scalable n-tier architecture
  • No software to install (internet browser only)
  • Simple license pricing (SLP)
  • Integrate with any third-party forms package
  • Flag your vendors as high, medium, and low
Many documents are shared with third parties
  • Accounting Documents (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
  • Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision)
  • Bid and Proposals
  • Billing Receipts
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) – Liability, etc.
  • Certifications & Trade Specialties
  • City Business License
  • Customer feedback and clarifications
  • Data Policy
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Hiring Packets
  • Feedback forms
  • Lease Documents
  • Lender applications
  • Lists of sub-contractors
  • Permit & Applications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Product Specifications
  • Project Management Meeting Notes
  • Property Titles
  • Questionnaire Forms
  • Rent Rolls
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Policy and Testing
  • Tax Documents (1040, 1099, W-9, I-9, W-4)
  • Training Materials
  • Work schedules
*No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee - we will not invoice until the customer is satisfied beyond the initial pilot period of 60 days.