MereSecure® XMS: eXchange Management System


A product for organizations to share documents and forms with participants securely. XMS allows customers to responsibly manage file objects easily with thousands of vendors, suppliers, consultants and clients in a centralized accessible area.

Organize, centralize and access information on a clean browser desktop

Search and filter fast getting access to key information anywhere anytime

Deliver documents, questionnaires, link to forms, spreadsheets, etc. in a secure and easy to use platform

XMS enables customers to send and receive information such as financial spreadsheets, certificates of insurance liability, tax returns, 1099’s, other professional licenses and certifications, policies like privacy, data and security documents: SSAE16 and PCI compliance related. Any documents, forms whether internal or external that are used and any custom information needed on file objects. Customers can quickly control access to documents and other information to authorized users.

  • FinancialXMS for Financial Institutions helps Risk Management and Third-Party Management departments monitor their third party suppliers.
  • GovernmentGOVERNMENT & MUNICIPALITIES: State, Local and Federal departments can use this service to help identify risk, and verify whether companies are meeting best practices.
  • LegalXMS for Legal and Tax professionals that need to exchange sensitive information
  • Online Software ServicesXMS for Online Services that need to provide SOC1 reports and other documents from their compliance departments
  • Retail-ConsumerXMS for businesses that need to send and receive documents to their clients and customers.
  • SecurityXMS for Security consultants that need to provide their deliverables in a secure and historical manner
Product Features of XMS

Simplified login with 2-step registration

Multiple role desktop dashboards

Manage contact profiles relationally

Tree and file detail

Create exhibit containers for files and forms

Integrate your external forms

Automated exhibit flow control

Quick filter ribbon and search list with parameters

Manage 1-to-many invited participants

Street address geocoding

Create packages of documents

Accessible from anywhere with an internet browser

Highlighted Product features

Product callout image with xms dashboard features

Additional Details on Product Features

  • Simplified login: Only 2-step invite process for users
  • Dashboard menu control: Jump anywhere on main parts quickly in a desktop
  • Single-click actions: Streamlined form-like templates
  • Create Exhibits: Title then and setup date logic; Select documents, forms to send
  • Manage invited participants: Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Customers, Anyone with an email
  • Contact Profile: Company, address, contact information, permission and roles control
  • Obscurity: No confidential information ever sent via notices
  • Statistics: Uploads, Open, Closed, Due today and more...
  • Leverage workflow: Create, Document, Invite, Repeat/Add/Modify
  • Manage document packages: 1-time upload of documents for quick re-use
  • High Performance: Fastest hardware, scalable architecture, n-tier design
  • Continuing Engineering: Feature improvements and an agile development model for ultimate flexibility
  • Simplified Training & Browser Support
  • Supports latest desktop browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox
  • Monthly or Annual subscription model

Learn more how MereSecure® XMS can be used in a specific industry or segment.