MereSecure® Corporation

MereSecure® is a California Bay Area company that was founded on three principles: trust, honesty and integrity.

Our Product

XMS: eXchange Management System

Helping organizations securely send and receive documents with external participants. Whether this is for vendor management and risk management due diligence or simply for an improved solution over the conventional file sharing tools out there. The product helps users to manage all third-party relationships efficiently through gathered centralized data, system notifications, statistics dashboards and advanced search options. All from a personalized client browser access-anywhere desktop.

MereSecure® Principles

There consistently are increasing cases of security related data breaches, releases of personal user profile information and confidential data. MereSecure® will help customers maximize transparency of product service offerings to anyone. The famous author C.S. Lewis writes: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching."


MereSecure® is working with industry partners to help software companies and their products to be secure.

The company's founder Markus Schmucki, has 20+ years experience working in the IT industry. Markus served fifteen years as co-founder of a successful company working with Fortune 100 financial companies with a custom SaaS product for their core business.

MereSecure's® XMS product provides a platform to centralize information while accessing it securely.